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Engage your audience & take live-interaction to the next level

Our easy-to-build Polls, Quizzes and Story Boosters can create participation in online and offline events. Presenters feel more connected to the audience. For individuals in the audience, the shared content is more engaging and reportedly easier to follow. Enhanced privacy guaranteed. No App required.  

Impress with interactive presentations

Interact with your audience using real-time voting, word clouds and quizzes and story quizzes. No installations or downloads required - starting is free!

Easily make a Quiz in seconds and host it live in your Actymeter account. 

People can join from any device, removing barriers to interact and share the voice in live events.

Improve Interaction in the Hybrid World

Direct interaction with small and large audiences

Works for online, offline and hybrid events

Measurable satisfaction increase for events with Actymeter 

Engineering and privacy awareness reduces barriers to participate

Present to engage

Easy-to-use presenter mode.

The audience interacts anonymously with a smart device.

Interactive presentations

Use Actymeter with PowerPoint and over Zoom or Teams (or any other communication platform). Our users like it because it makes knowledge sharing more interactive

Analyze data and take action

Use the Actymeter to moderate and control presentations and collect live data from your audience

Engage Live Online and In Real Life (IRL)

The audience can connect to your event from any device and answer live questions.  Actymeter visualizes the responses in real-time. It create a fun and interactive experience.

Visualize and Track Data

The data collected with Actymeter can be exported for further analysis. It is also possible to compare data over time to measure the progress of your audience, e.g. in regular meetings.'

Generate Audience Insights

Understand what your audience is thinking and if your audience can follow. Open conversations that are direct but private

Hosted in Europe - GDPR compliant 

Actymeter recognizes its obligation of accountability for compliance with the principles of data processing according to Art. 5(2) GDPR

Questions and Answers

We use a self-build SSL encrypted web platform that is fully running in Europe, Germany. All our features can be accessed barrier free from basically any device with an internet browser and connection

Basically, the real time aspect of this platform is one of the most important aspects. Other poll tools do not facilitate live interaction so seamlessly across devices. Our user community loves this inclusive aspect.  

We reduced the Actymeter to the max. We focus on ultra-high live performance by engineering the tool to the max. No unnecessary features. We just design for performance and we also work in poor bandwidth locations. 

Just get started for free and see it yourself. If you decide to subscribe to our services and you do not like it, we offer a 100%-Money Back Guarantee within the first 14 days of your subscription. Even better, we also have monthly plans! 

The world of Presentations is changing with Actymeter as Marketing changed with Social Media

No need to download an App: Attendees connect to a Web platform using a simple link to see content, engage in polls, participate in digital Q&A, and engage in discussions with the presenter

This totally changed the way how I run my presentations and how connected and engaged my Audience feels

Run events with Poll Engagement, Content Sharing, and Networking directly from PowerPoint.

For Presenters and Event Managers, running Live, Hybrid and Remote Events. For Zoomers, Microsoft Teamers, Trainers, Teachers... for Influencers, Live Video Streamers, Artists and Gamers.


Some of Our Clients

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Some of Our User Stories

Leah Fangiona

Public Speaker & Fashion Advisor

I love Actymeter. My clients use either Zoom or Teams and now I do not need to copy content back and forth. It really helps me to be more efficient and - even more important - more connected to the people who usually listen to me. 

James Smith

Sales Coach and Online Business Owner

I found Actymeter because I voted once in a training of my mentor. I than started using Actymeter for my own presentations. I really got a lot of good feedback since I am making it part of my coaching sessions

James Smith

Life-Coach and Public Speaker

I have been looking into ways to get my crowd directly interacting with me. I sometimes speak on conferences and I really like that the comments people make are anonymous but also limited to their peers. This creates an more intimae relationship and it really helps to open conversation.

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100% Money-Back-Guarantee within 14 days! If you are unsatisfied with Actymeter you will get a full refund within 14 days from the day you purchase your Actymeter subscription.

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